Jr. High Ministry


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This is our main gathering time for the week. We start in the Contemporary Service at 9am and then move over to our room around 9:30 for programming. We are excited about doing a very interactive curriculum this year, so our students will have lots of opportunity to grow with their peers. We are also really excited about small groups. We will be devoting a large chunk of our time together to meeting in a small group. Each student will be placed into a small group before the start of the year. They will then be with the same small group for the entire year. This means they will get to really do life together consistently! Our goal for Sundays is DEPTH. This is where we will really dive deep together into our faith and what that looks like.

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TUESDAYS || 5:30-7:30PM

This is where ALL the excitement happens! During these events we play crazy games, eat delicious snacks (pizza counts as a snack, right?), and have so much fun. It’s our goal that your student walks out of the room with the biggest smile! This is also our time of outreach- so we encourage our students to invite all their friends!