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Sentimental Journey Honors Lunch

From: Thursday, October 25 11:00 AM
To: Thursday, October 25 12:00 PM

Hosted by the Mountaineers~~All are welcome! Honoring the most senior members of our church community. All church members 90 and above are invited to be our guests at the event.

Please join us in Meredith Hall for a Catered Lunch, Musical Program, Roll Call of Honorees and a Special “This-Is-Your-Life” Presentation for Several Most Senior Honorees.

Work will begin on the “This-Is-Your-Life” presentations during the summer. Presenters will visit the honorees to collect information for the presentation.

Other honorees will receive an invitation to be our guest for the luncheon in the mail by mid-September. The luncheon team will be gathering addresses and preparing the invitations throughout the summer.

Members of our wonderful Mountain View community who would like to attend, can make a reservation and pay for this very special event at the Mountaineers table in the courtyard starting Sunday, September 9.

Sentimental Journey Honors Lunch