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Spiritual Gifts Class

Wednesdays 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

God in his grace has given each believer spiritual gifts. In this course you will learn what spiritual gifts are, why God has given them, how they are to be used, and how they can be misused. You will also learn about the spiritual gifts you have been given, including potential gifts that God is working in you to develop. Discover Your Gifts and Learn How to Use Them is intended to help you and other believers use your gifts constructively together to the glory of God.

NOTICE: It is very important to be there at the beginning and not miss the opening sessions. The class will run 5-7 sessions and will probably be offered again if you cannot make it this time. This class will be facilitated by retired Pastor Bob Walter and Donna Walter. The class will meet in Room 12 of Meredith Hall at 6:00 pm starting Wednesday, September 12th.

In: Adults

Spiritual Gifts Class