Adult Education

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Parent Community Class
Sundays|| 9AM || The Gathering Room

We’d love to see you at our Parent Community Class. The class is held during the 9:00 Worship hour while kids are in Sunday school. The goal of the class is to build a supportive community for parents of all ages. We spend time sharing, praying, laughing, digging into the word, looking at research, but most of all, supporting one another in this great adventure God has called each of us to.

The class is led by Drew Hulse, our Associate Pastor for Family Ministry, and by his wife Cathy, a school psychologist and expert in resiliency. We meet in the Gathering Room for our time together and then head to worship with our kids to the 10:15 Contemporary Service. Take a chance, come and check it out.

Predestination or Free-Will- Is there a Simple Answer?
Sundays|| 10:15AM
Middle School Room (Annex #101)

Throughout the history of the Christian church, the question of predestination or free will has challenged believers. Does God predetermine, from before time, those whom will be saved; or does humanity exercise free will in determining their individual salvation? And why does one need to be saved? Good, God-fearing people, can and do fall out on either side of this question.

Beginning Sunday, January 6, 2019 in the Middle School Room (Annex #101) from 10:15 to 11:15 am, there will be a class devoted to discussing this issue. We will examine the arguments, on both sides, and trace the history of the debate since the earliest days of the church. And like the many great theologians who have studied and debated the issue, we will rely upon Holy Scripture to seek an answer. Come join the discussion and let God’s revelation shape your views on the matter. Discussion will be facilitated by Carl Johnson.