Adult Education

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Parent Community Class
Sundays|| 9AM || The Gathering Room

This fall sees a brand new offering beginning with our new Parent Community Class. The class will be held during the 9:00 Worship hour while kids are in Sunday school. The goal of the class is to build a supportive community for parents of all ages. We will spend time sharing, praying, laughing, digging into the word, looking at research, but most of all, supporting one another in this great adventure God has called each of us to.

The class will be led by Drew Hulse, our new Associate Pastor for Family Ministry, and by his wife Cathy, a school psychologist and expert in resiliency. We will meet in the Gathering Room for our time together and then head to worship with our kids to the 10:15 Contemporary Service. Take a chance, come and check it out.

Peculiar Treasures Bible Study
Mondays|| 11AM || Westminster

Men and women from the Bible who may be new to us or are not necessarily who we thought they were. But they are in their human dreams, ambitions and imperfections—very much like us.

Taught by Pastor Lyn Corazin

We will be studying ordinary men and women of the Bible who God called for a particular purpose, and who, like you and I, may not have expected or felt qualified to answer the call. Yet, God used them in small and big ways. I think all of us will relate to some of their personalities, faith and faithlessness.

Westminster Village Bible Study begins 11 am, Monday, Jan 14-April 1 in the Saguaro Lounge at Westminster Village. 12000 N. 90th St. Scottsdale Men and Women welcome.

Predestination or Free-Will- Is there a Simple Answer?
Sundays|| 10:15AM
Middle School Room (Annex #101)

Throughout the history of the Christian church, the question of predestination or free will has challenged believers. Does God predetermine, from before time, those whom will be saved; or does humanity exercise free will in determining their individual salvation? And why does one need to be saved? Good, God-fearing people, can and do fall out on either side of this question.

Beginning Sunday, January 6, 2019 in the Middle School Room (Annex #101) from 10:15 to 11:15 am, there will be a class devoted to discussing this issue. We will examine the arguments, on both sides, and trace the history of the debate since the earliest days of the church. And like the many great theologians who have studied and debated the issue, we will rely upon Holy Scripture to seek an answer. Come join the discussion and let God’s revelation shape your views on the matter. Discussion will be facilitated by Carl Johnson.

Greek for the Rest of Us
Wednesdays || 6PM
Middle School Room (Annex #101)

Have you ever wondered what the “original” New Testament said? Why it was written in Greek? Why your pastor is constantly saying, “The original Greek word is such-and-such and really means this?” Well, now’s your chance to get a glimpse of the original language first hand. In this 7-week course, you will learn the history of why the New Testament is written in Greek, the type of Greek it is written in, the Greek alphabet and the most common words it contains. Why? So that you, too, can read the words and decide what the best interpretation is. This course will not be an academic adventure to teach you everything about the Greek language. You will not have to deal with complex sentence structure nor will you have to memorize tense, voice or mood. It will be a simple, laid back learning experience. So, if you have ever considered taking the plunge and learning enough Greek to help you in your Bible studies, this is the class for you.

Class will begin on Wednesday, January 9, at 6:00 pm in the Middle School Room, Annex #101, facilitated by Don Randolph.

Pilgrim Prayer: Psalms for the Journey
Wednesdays || 6PM || Sanctuary

Pastor Steve will be facilitating a class each Wednesday evening, from 6:00-7:00 pm, in the Sanctuary beginning January 9 studying “Pilgrim Prayers-Psalms for the Journey.” Each week we will be led with a video by Rev. Dr. Tim Keller who was most recently Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Everyone is welcome for this 7-week series