Deacon Ministry

What is a Deacon?

 A Deacon’s role in the Christian Church is associated with service of some kind to the congregation.  The word Deacon is actually derived from the Greek word diakonos meaning “servant”, “messenger” and “minister."

Here at Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Deacons are charged with leading in the care and nurturing of the congregation.  Below is a list of our functions and the Deacon in charge of each area (in parenthesis).

  1. Coffee Service – We prepare coffee and snacks which are served between church services.

  2. Communion Supplies – We prepare communion each month, order communion supplies and at times help the Elders serve communion.

  3. Gabriel Ministry – We schedule ushers and greeters for Sunday morning traditional church services.

  4. Receptions – We organize, setup Meredith Hall and ensure the needed refreshments are in place for funeral, memorial serves and other events.

  5. Prayer Chain – We receive requests for prayer from individuals or from the church office, create a written prayer and distribute it through the mtviewprays@yahoogroups.com distribution.

  6. New Members – We support the Membership Council and help with New Member functions.

  7. Meals – Through notification from the church office or individuals within the church, we organize and assist with obtaining meals for church members during times of need, such as a serious illness, a death of a loved one or the birth of a child.

  8. Special Care – Within the Mountain View Presbyterian Church community there are members or attendees that are unable to attend church services. We obtain, and deliver seasonal flowers several times annually, send greeting cards for birthdays and other occasions, visit and pray with these individuals.

  9. Communication – We develop communications related to Deacon business which is inserted in the quarterly newsletters and the church bulletin.