Stephen Ministry

Mountain View Presbyterian Church is truly blessed by a Christian-based Stephen Minister program that has been active locally for a quarter of a century and recognized as one the most effective, caring ministry of its kind in the country. Each and every Stephen Minister has received at least 50 hours of in-class training, plus an additional 40 hours of pre-class study of materials provided by the corporate offices in St. Louis. The Stephens Leaders have participated in an additional 50 hours of advanced instruction conducted by a Corporate Staff Specialist at one of many out of state locations.

To assure a proactive and competent team of Stephen Ministers, ours meet monthly to fine-tune the skills of caring for someone dealing with personal crisis and how to walk the difficult journey with those suffering from burdens too great to overcome alone. Fortunately, a recently trained class of qualified caregivers is available to anyone interested in having a Stephen Minister walk beside you, while respecting your confidentiality.

If you, or someone that you know, are addressing the challenges associated with illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, unemployment, etc., why not consider contacting one of our Pastors* or Stephens Leaders* to see if you might benefit from a service that has already proven to be useful to hundreds of Mountain View parishioners like yourself.