Our mission funding is based on two of the theological ideals of the Missional Church. First, a Missional Church is one who responds to God's invitation to partner with Him and others in His work to the world. Though mission funding is important in this endeavor, we realize that when we are called to a mission, the money follows. Thus our second guiding principle: Money follows mission. We have a group of team members, leaders, and support that meet typically on the second Tuesday of each month. We call this our Mission Council. We pray for one another and the mission, share ideas, and encourage each other to actively seek where God has already shown up and is calling us to His work. Mission Council meeting minutes are available at the church office.

Contact our Mission Director davidh@mtivewpres.org if you would like to attend a Mission Council meeting or if you would like more information.

We use the following guidelines to help discern what projects and ministries we participate.

1.     We are aware of the organization through Mountain View members regularly volunteering and possibly in an advisory role.

2.     The organization’s services are related to evangelism/church development, helping the homeless/hungry/disadvantaged, aiding orphans and those that care for them, and participation in God’s Redemptive Justice.

3.     We can confirm the organization is responsible by tours and a verifiable financial history.

4.     We know the size of our donation, the level of personal participation, and our prayers can have a significant impact on the life of an individual, family, or mission project.