Winter Camp

2019 Winter Camp


February 1-3
Prescott, AZ

Some people just have a bad attitude.

That’s Jonah. A prophet from God, a man who has seen amazing things done in God’s name. Jonah was respected and had a great life. But Jonah refused to do the one mission God gave him: save the doomed city of Ninevah. The prophet ran as far away as possible, until God completely reversed Jonah’s path.

Sometimes, there are things we can’t overcome. We might have a bad attitude like Jonah, or we might have a huge challenge ahead of us in life. This winter at UCYC, we’ll follow Jonah’s tumultuous journey and see how the reversal of his outlook rescued the people of Ninevah.

Together, we’ll explore how God can reverse your challenges and how you can experience the same grace that changed Jonah.