David Hawkins

David Hawkins

Director of Contemporary Worship

David grew up mostly in the Midwest, which is where he met his awesome wife, Ginger. They moved to the Phoenix area 8 years ago to be closer to family and love it as much as someone could love a state with temperatures that reach the triple digits. They have 3 children, Anders, Rendy, and Sullivan. He enjoys spending time with his family whether that be winning remote control car races with Anders, having a tea party with Rendy, or talking to Sullivan who is such a great listener at this age! Their family loves trips to Disneyland and have also been known to have the best Disney-themed family Halloween outfits. 

One of his big accomplishments lately has been to watch all of the Marvel superhero movies, something that requires intense planning and preparation. He also enjoys apple slices with peanut butter, but the apple must be cut up and not whole- he's not an animal. 

David has been a musician since his days in elementary school when he picked up the french horn. His instruments have evolved since then to include guitar, drums, piano, and his family's least favorite- the accordion. He feels fortunate to be able to combine his love for music and his love for sharing the Gospel as our Director of Contemporary Worship. 

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext. 123