Drew Hulse

Drew Hulse

Associate Pastor for Family Ministry

Drew comes to Mt. View after thirty-five plus years in youth ministry. It’s amazing he can even still walk. He and his incredible wife, Cathy, were married in 1978, so you can do the math. But remember, they were both like ten when they got married. Drew grew up in the Sacramento area, went to Fuller Seminary twice (apparently once was not enough.) In his last call Drew served as the Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry at FPC Honolulu, Hawaii. We know, rough call, but someone had to do it. Most recently, Drew has been flying all over the USA as a Staff Consultant for Ministry Architects, helping churches with their children’s & youth ministries.


Drew and Cathy (who is a School Psychologist) have two daughters. Amy is the Communications Director for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Tucson, and is married to Mat Grover, the associate pastor at St. Andrew’s. They have two of the most amazing grandchildren ever conceived in Jane and Ethan. The two of them love nothing better than coming to Scottsdale for a week of “Nana Camp” any opportunity they get. Drew and Cathy’s second daughter, Corrie, lives in Brooklyn, NY. Corrie is a writing instructor for CUNY, but her passions are international human rights and standing up for the oppressed. You want her on your side.

Drew’s first full time ministry position was as a Director of Worship. Whether he is playing his guitar or singing in the shower, music is always a part of his daily life. He loves playing golf, which doesn’t mean he’s any good at it, but still loves it. He and Cathy love to go out to eat, see movies, hike (in temperatures less than 80 degrees), and hang out with friends and family. Game night anyone?

Drew is passionate about helping the church see themselves as family and in the church strengthening and standing with families in the church and in the community. When you’re ready to go out for iced tea or a diet soda (coffee can stunt your growth!) let him know and he’ll make it happen.

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext. 130