Jake Baldwin

Jake Baldwin

Director of Student Ministry


Jake Baldwin hails from the Arcadia area of Scottsdale, is a die-hard Manchester United fan, and can beat most people at Star Wars trivia. As he is currently pursuing his master's degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, most of his free time involves doing homework. When he gets a break, he enjoys reading science fiction, writing short stories, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Amy. If you ask, he'll say he prefers his coffee black, but really he likes his coffee with as much sugar and cream as possible. He just wants you to think he's manly.

Jake grew up attending church with his family and was involved with Young Life on and off for 8 years as both a student and a leader. He first came to Mountain View because he was dating Amy, who is a MVPC-lifer, but has fallen in love with the place and all the people!

He thinks his job directing Student Ministries with his wife is just about the coolest thing ever and relishes the opportunity to make a fool of himself at least twice a week in front of a bunch of Jr. High and High School students as a preface to tell them about how much Jesus loves them. 

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext.215