Lyn Corazin

Lyn Corazin

Pastoral Associate

Lyn was born in Kansas City and raised in Leawood, Kansas.  Her parents, Ken and Nan Krueger were lifelong residents of that area.  Lyn has one brother, Steve, and is married to Frank Corazin.  Frank and Lyn have two daughters, Traci Corazin and Christa West and six grandchildren.  

Lyn became a lifelong Presbyterian when she was 9.  Moving to a new neighborhood, the local church was a welcoming presence and a place to be with friends.  Although Lyn became a believer during her teen years, it was in these early years that Jesus became real, the church became a family, and her life was newly focused on what God might have in store.

Attending the University of Arizona, Lyn received a BA and MEd.  Lyn has taught in Arizona, Washington,and Nigeria.  In 1992 Lyn felt called to Fuller Seminary and was ordained as a Presbyterian pastor in 1997. 

After retiring from a very active ministry in Tacoma, Washington, Lyn and Frank moved to Scottsdale.  Being a part of the staff at Mt. View, using her gifts, ministering with so many wonderful people, fills her heart and teaches her that God is always ready to use us.    Lyn loves working in mission, teaching, seeing people’s lives change, and most importantly, experiencing the love of God in Christ with such lovely people.

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext. 215