Melissa Pullon

Melissa Pullon

Director of Special Needs Ministry

Melissa is crazy (in the BEST way) about her husband David, their son Austin (who attends GCU), their daughter Emma (a junior in high school), and their newest addition Mercer (a one-year old whose hair has a personality of its own)! She is a voracious reader, lover of music, and would rather be with her family than anywhere else.

Born in Pittsburgh, Melissa was put into a Steelers onesie within seconds of birth and as a result takes football season very seriously. She was raised in a Chicago suburb by two wonderful parents who took their children to church every Sunday and rewarded them with pancake breakfasts or donuts afterwards- the best motivation. The seeds of her faith in Christ were firmly planted when she was a child and witnessed the abundance of sacrificial love from those around her. She says, "Knowing Jesus and having an eternal perspective are all I could ever ask or imagine, not only for me, but for those around me."

Melissa feels incredibly blessed in her position as Director of Special Needs Ministry to be able to to be a witness and fellow soujourner with families as they navigate through harrowing trials and celebratory milestones with Christ as their strength. She truly believes that nothing comes close to the love and awe that is palpable when our special needs families understand how worthy and divinely chosen they are as they live in Christian community with our church family. The ministry is filled with moments of contagious joy and Melissa loves being part of it.

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext. 135