Steve Beard

Steve Beard

Senior Pastor

Steve grew up in San Diego, California (Go Padres!) as the son of a Pastor. Steve got his start in youth ministry, working in Younglife, before attending Princeton Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor for 20 years and has a deep heart for reconciling the culture of our broken world with the truth of Scripture. 

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He has a wonderful wife named Julie, who is full of grace and a lover of people. They have 3 children: Andrew, Hannah, and Hailey and 2 dogs who think they rule the house. 

Steve LOVES C.S. Lewis and LOVES to read his books or teach classes on the subject. It's a running joke around campus that if Steve isn't in his office, he is likely searching for the entrance to Narnia! 

Steve loves to play golf and can be found ministering to members of our church at local courses around town. Other notable things: he recently purchased a motorcycle, sends way too many gifs in text messages, and drinks an unhealthy amount of iced coffee. 

Contact: or (480) 998-1085 ext. 128