Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Mountain View Presbyterian Church is committed to the rich tradition of our Reformed Heritage. Fundamental to this is our belief in the Sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Christ, the Power of the Holy Spirit, and the Authority of Scripture. By God’s grace we affirm these beliefs through the following values:

 Dynamic Worship

  • We honor our Biblically-based Reformed Heritage.
  • We are committed to traditional, contemporary, and emerging worship experiences.

Christian Formation

  • We are a center for Biblical learning and discipleship for all ages and stages.

Authentic Community

  • We are a prayerful Christ-centered fellowship.
  • We nurture and care for all generations.

Missional Passion

  • We live and respond to the call of Jesus’ Great Commission locally and globally through evangelism, compassion, and redemptive justice.

Faithful Stewardship

  • We prayerfully and responsibly manage our financial resources.
  • We adapt and care for our church campus to facilitate this vision.